Let’s be honest, some graffiti murals are so artistic (1% of them and are approved by the City), but the rest are detrimental to your property’s appearance.

Do you know that in every City in the Lower Mainland, there’s a by-law that prevents the unsightliness of property by prohibiting the placement of graffiti and requiring that property be kept free of graffiti? These by-laws require property owners to have graffiti removed within 10-14 days of getting a notification, and even in some cases within 48 hours.

There are multiple reasons why we should collectively care about graffiti. (Taken from the City of North Vancouver website)

  • Graffiti is negatively viewed by the public, can feel threatening, and may deter people from entering businesses or neighborhoods.
  • Graffiti can convey racist or inflammatory messages that are offensive to the community. These messages, left unchecked, can spread, and cause larger social issues.
  • Graffiti can indicate a general decline of an area and can contribute to increases in other forms of criminal activity.


Graffiti paint is not easy to remove with regular cleaning products. That’s why we use the latest techniques and equipment to remove it quickly and efficiently, without causing damage to your property.

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